Sound and Mood Assignment

In my video production class we worked on a pretty cool assignment this week. We were given two clips of video and had to reconstruct the audio to achieve a new feel for the piece. The two clips that we were given were The Incredibles credits and the Sony Bravia Like No Other paint ad. After picking a couple good track, using stock sounds and recording a lot of my own sounds, I was pretty happy with the result. Check them out below. Oh, and no one think about suing me, it’s for educational purposes.

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Three Poems written in Jerusalem

I wrote these three poems while studying in Jerusalem last year.


Your pavilion is God’s hiding place

While you were out searching for God,
He was on his way to your house.

Maybe you missed him.
He took the long way to see you.
He wanted to smell the flowers and
The bark of the redwoods
How could you have seen him?
You were running,
Frantically calling his name,
Taking all the shortcuts you know

While He
Smelling the flowers

Maybe he thought you’d be out in the field with the farmhands
Or sipping a cool drink from the brook
He didn’t see you along that way

When he got to your house,
You were gone.
Looking in all the wrong places
For someone
Who’s been traveling to your house

He wants to see you.
Maybe he’ll meet you along the way,
On the day,

You take the long way
To see him.



You think I don’t know what it’s like down there?!
Yea, I know–
you would have been one hell of a Buddhist, kid.
Where ever I put you,
I’ll find you.

Look around, everyone’s just been spit out there,
Puked all over the religious bathroom floor.

You’ll pray your life into fruition
You’ll get what you want, I’ll give it to you

I’ll beat the shit out of you with a baseball bat
Or a divorce
Or an addiction
Or a woman, a father, depression, abuse, a pregnancy, a disease, injury, anger
A crowbar?
Whatever you want. Whatever it takes for you to change.
You’ll pray the blows on your own self.
And I’ll deliver them, wincing.
That’s what you wanted.

You’ll pop out the other side of hell,
And find me.
You’ll be who you wanted, and I will have made you that

Ask away,
And I’ll
Swing away.


The Mother’s Milk


The Mother is near
Indeed, she is here.
Sopping up the pain of man
She breathes into your feet
With dirt and leaves and sand.

Science says it’s a magnetic force
Either way, from it we’ve made a grand divorce.


The Mother is near
She pulses in the palms, the willows, the pines
Indeed she is here
Our hearts and minds, through nature she refines
Talking to your skin, calming your heart when the clouds fail to part

But I have seen the Mother!
In the transparency of leaves
On the bark creeping up the trees


We mustn’t speak too loudly of her
The unknown breeds fear to be sure.
Suits remain silent, our hearts grow violent
Thirsting for a taste of mother’s milk.

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Due to an increase in Popularity

This past week I have had multiple people comment on my lack–or complete absence–of regular posts on this blog. The amount of people (there were two at most) complaining about my non-posts was nearly overwhelming. So, this one goes out to all (two) of my readers.

Since the complaints began I have been thinking about the idea of a blog. Questions like: Why do I even have this blog? Why do I never feel compelled to write my feelings and thoughts for an audience? What makes a good blog? How can mine be as entertaining as Tyson’s? I concluded nothing, naturally. But I can conclude why I concluded nothing; considering that concluding nothing is a reoccurring theme for me at this point in life. So maybe I can conclude something. Funny. Maybe I have thought hard enough about why I can’t conclude anything and have concluded that I can’t conclude anything because I don’t think hard enough and that’s why I can’t conclude anything about concluding and therefore have ironically broken the spell of never concluding anything by in fact concluding something about never concluding anything at all. (If anyone attending the prestigious Columbia University is reading this, please know that the most previous sentence was planned and should not be dismissed due to it’s horrendous repetition and grammatical error. Thank you.) I did, however, come to the idea that I should maybe just write about my life and see if anyone is actually interested and above all, if what I say might be of some benefit to someone else. I have a journal that contains very personal ideas and progressions of thought, and maybe I will start transferring some of that to here.

Recently I have been listening pretty exclusively to Dave Matthews. Whether it is Dave and the entire band, his solo performances, or his live versions of his songs played with guitar ninja, Tim Reynolds. For those of you interested, or who don’t know too much about Dave Matthews, here is some history that I have learned about him in the past few weeks:

He was born in South Africa and shortly after his family moved to New York. His father passed away when Matthews was ten years old. His family moved back to South Africa, but Dave was only there until he finished high school after which he returned to the US. He moved to Virginia, where his band was to be organized, and worked as a bartender. In 1994, just three years after the band was formed, Dave’s sister was murdered by her husband, who subsequently committed suicide. Matthew’s helped to raise the children who survived the tragedy with his sister Jane. Needless to say, this dude has had his fair share of struggling.

Oh let me count the ways. His music and lyrics speak to me. Believe it or not, the most poignant spiritual experience I have had in the last year came while watching a youtube video of one of his live performances. (Re-reading the sentence makes me think of when I was 13 years old and thought it was kinda silly when I heard that someone had “a spiritual experience while attending a Creed concert.” I guess it all comes around.) To me, he seems to be a man simply trying to make the best of the life he knows. A guy who is dealing with his own demons and helping others to do the same. A dude who knows how to appreciate happiness, cope with sadness, and talk about everything in between.

Well, I have never blogged about something this long before, I hope it goes over well. I guess I’ll end with a few videos showing some of how unique, talented, goofy, complex and entertaining Dave Matthews is.

This is Dave telling a story about hanging out with Bushmen in South Africa. The quality isn’t the best, but his ability to entertain is crazy to me:

This is Tim Reynolds and Dave Live and Radio City in 2007. Crazy and Beautiful, all in one:

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Look Familiar? (A Year Late for Being Famous)

There are very few times in my life when I feel incredibly accomplished, intelligence or otherwise above-average. However, while watching some politicians talk about how incredibly accomplished, intelligent or otherwise above average they are tonight, I saw a commercial that did make me feel like a Republican Presidential candidate. It was a commercial that looked and sounded very familiar. As I contemplated for some time why this commercial stuck me so, I slowly came to realization that it was because … I HAD ALREADY MADE IT.

Check this out and you can see for yourself:

I created this in September 2011 and it was posted on Youtube on September 6, 2011:

I saw this on TV today and it was posted on Youtube on January 5, 2012:

As this was playing, I was staring at the dumb-tube with my mouth wide open. Now, I understand that not all commercials on TV are something to be proud of, but regardless, they are making somebody decent money. Who knows- maybe I won’t end up living alone, sleeping in the back of my Tacoma in the far recesses of Canada after-all!


Ok, so I just did some research about this campaign and it looks like it was launched actually a couple years ago. Unfortunately, put on a video/ad contest, in which submissions used the same format as this campaign. Submissions were due on Jan. 3rd 2011. You can view all of that by clicking here. Looks like I was just a year late…


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A Little Intuition

For the past year and a half a vast amount of my energy and time have been devoted- consumed, rather- by running. (Using the word “devoted” implies that I have some choice, some say in my involvement in my masochistic running habit. However, my addiction to running will be neither explored nor enumerated here and now. Another time.) I was fueled by bigger and better goals and objectives through this time. A half-marathon was not enough, a full marathon was not enough, a 55k was not enough. Finally, a 5o miler gave me a pretty good dosage of the high I had been seeking, but it left me debilitated, somewhat depressed, and at one point, standing, crying in the middle of the quad with two walking casts strapped to my legs. My training, running and long recovery sessions became the events that the rest of my life was planned around.

Nutrition became a secondary obsession. An obsession that fueled the primary addiction. I tried a lot of different things, usually extreme. At one point all I was eating was vegetables in mass amounts. My roommate Jackson would scoff at my seemingly extreme eating habits and unwrap another Zebra-Cake for his post workout meal. It seemed that my body needed to be fed pure, whole foods in order to function and recover on the same level and at the same speed as other did on normal food diets. Or did it? All the talented, un-injured runners that I know eat whatever they want while they train: Cameron, Marian, Hannah, Brindy, Brooke – they all can eat whatever they feel like and recover and train just fine. In fact, most -if not all of them- recover better than me.

I learned that this theory of eating is called “Intuitive Eating.” There are a few key points to this “non-diet,” it’s more of a style of eating. You eat what you want, but never to the point that you feel overly-full or sick. This is key. I hear someone say once, “I am trying a new diet. I don’t eat anything that makes me want to die. Like, for me, a massive cheeseburger falls into that category.” (I wish I could remember who said that, because I know that I didn’t get the quote perfect.) There is more to this way of eating and if you are interested in it you can read about it here. 

This past week I decided to try it their way. To simply put whatever my body wanted to eat in it and to see what would happen. As a result, my cupboards and refrigerator are filled with these things: Costco Muffins, Pot Stickers, Half Gallons of Blue Bell Ice Cream, Honey Bunches of Oats, Frozen Vegetables, stuff to make mass amounts of Toasted Cheesers, Snickers Bars, Sweet Potatoes, Ravioli, everything Bagels, and strawberry cream-cheese. Basically a smattering of things that I crave and find myself eating when no self-regulation is placed on diet.

So far, so good. Quite frankly, I feel exactly the same as I have when I am meticulously watching everything that I eat. So for now, call me an “intuitive runner,” an “intuitive eater.” Just the other week I was thinking about how I need the opposite of a training plan, I need something that will restrict me so that I don’t get injured. So, I’m trying it out, running whenever I want to, or not. Eating whatever I want and how much I want. I want to be injury free just like all the rest of them.

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Values before profit. This is why I love Patagonia:

(The above image is what appears on the Patagonia online store homepage right now.)

Needless to say, it seems to be a rather backwards strategy to say, essentially, “hey, here is our highly functional, long lasting, quality product- DON’T BUY IT.” However, this simply adds to their already well-established brand image. Patagonia’s values have always come before making a profit. This is who they are, it is who they have always been. This brand identity, what they represent as a whole, is what sells to the people who buy. Although small, there is a real market of consumers that would rather spend more money on a product in order to have less impact in relation to resources and by-product. Not only do they have those people in their audience, but they also have the people who want to be those people. The hipsters and the vegetarians and the intellectuals that read an article on pesticides and organic farming and are now as “green” as they come. Or so they would claim. Then they have people like me, who are Patagonia brainwashed. Obsessed with everything from their products performance, their marketing/advertising strategies, and their design genius on all fronts. For who their target market is, these guys know exactly what they are doing. It’s risky, one could say, but like Wendy Peffercorn, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

If you are interested in learning more about Patagonia, here is a video about their business strategies and their core values and goals. It also details their aims to protect the environment and lower the impact that business has on the physical world itself.

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Attention Advertising Professors Who Will Determine a Large Portion Of My Future

If you have, by some stretch of reality, made it, online, to my blog, and to this specific post, I am impressed. And now, nervous. But have no fear, I will attempt to entertain you for a bit longer. Without trying to disguise this as a “look at how cool I am” effort, I present to you a video created by some really bored roommates and a lot of nice people, and say to you, “Look how cool (some people seem to think) I am.”

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